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Tribeca Film Festival

Shadow Brother Sunday film auction


Physical cryptographic assets enable seamless, blockchain-powered, charity auction bidding and decentralized proof-of-ownership for Non-Fungible Item (NFI) collectibles at a film festival after party honouring a Tribeca Film Festival entrant. This film, Shadow Brother Sunday, is an award-winning short and 2024 Oscar® contender directed by Alden Ehrenreich.

Shadow Brother Sunday at Tribeca


This activation includes two distinct elements:

SBS custom ring

The OneBand Ring
A physical ring embedded with NFI technology. OneBand rings are issued in a one off deep blue color for this activation.

NFI film frame

Traceable physical assets
An exclusive NFI collection that combines physical 35 mm film frames from the movie with associated NFTs. Each collectible is securely encased in a beautiful, custom-manufactured metal frame suitable for display.

Traceable physical assets: NFIs of value

The collection serves as a unique set of memorabilia items for the film. Cryptographically unique physical assets are presented for auction. Each asset’s information is stored on the blockchain. The assets consist of an exclusive  collection that combines physical 35 mm film frames from the movie with associated NFTs, resulting in a collectible Non-Fungible Item (NFI). The NFIs feature original 35mm film frames curated by event co-host, The NFIs produced  are custom framed and digitally enabled. Each resulting NFI is a piece of artwork  that provides its own provenance, tamper-proof authenticity, and transferability to collectors and enthusiasts.
After-party attendees receive their own OneBand rings with which to bid on the NFI collectibles. After attendees complete a brief onboarding experience, they can tap-scan their OneBand rings at a tablet station to place their bids.  

Both the OneBand and the collection of NFI film memorabilia are enabled with NFI technology that is live on the Neo N3 MainNet. Neither element of this activation requires attendees to have any blockchain knowledge or install any applications on their mobile devices.

The OneBand Ring

The OneBand ring powers the bidding process at the event: Attendees each received a OneBand ring to power their bid placements.

These OneBand rings are counterfeit-proof and feature a digital twin that can be used for software interfacing. They can also be reused for future engagements and traded freely like any other token.  

OneBand features a secure NFC chip housing a censored BIP32 master key, supporting BIP44 derivations for private keys in most relevant blockchains. The technology is thus compatible with nearly every blockchain network.

This groundbreaking technology allows the ring to assert its authenticity across the entire Web 3.0 market segment, offering unprecedented security for collectibles and luxury items, mitigating the risk of forgery and theft.

The OneBand packaging for this activation is designed to reflect the collaboration of the partners who made the charity auction event possible, and to present the OneBand ring as a premium collectible in its own right.

The packaging features a sleeve to designate the sponsors and event insignia. The OneBand ring's digital-twin has properties defining its software characteristics, color, activation, and rarity.

Key features of the traceable physical assets

Each NFI item up for auction in the collectible series consists of a custom-forged metal NFI film holder that displays original 35mm film frames from Shadow Brother Sunday.

Embedded within each NFI film holder are a public key and a near-field communication (NFC) chip (the chip type used in US passports) that links to a NFT specific to the set of original film frames displayed in the NFI film holder.

These artworks blending the physical and the digital worlds have the added distinction of being the first Hollywood memorabilia to be minted on the Neo blockchain.

Proceeds from the auction were donated to charitable organization Red Eye, a non-profit dedicated to fostering a brighter future for children through art by providing 24/7 access to a community of support.

The Web Application

A custom web application allows the bidder to select and bid on the collectible NFT memorabilia items of their choice. The application is WalletConnect 2.0 enabled, allowing the entire activation to run in a self-custodial manner. The user's keys remain safe in their wallet. Once a user completes onboarding, they can completely secure their private key.

The OneBand is all that is required to experience the entirety of the activation from that point onward. Because the ring is a distinct asset, losing it does not expose a user's private key.



Issued rings




User capture


Auctioned NFI's

ITEM Systems distributed 200 OneBand rings during the three-hour event. User capture happened seamlessly at onboarding, and a mailing list was created for marketing purposes.

The experience was designed for all users and demonstrated both the capabilities of the Neo N3 platform in a production setting, and the approachability of NFI technology-enabled engagements.

All interactions transacted live on the N3 MainNet without any indication that users were interfacing with a blockchain.



Shadow Brother Sunday,
Vanishing Angle


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Shadow Brother Sunday’s
Tribeca Film Festival after party and charitable auction
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