About us

What happens when two tech trailblazers team up?

You get ITEM Systems – a fusion of COZ, a global Web3 pioneer, and AxLabs, the Swiss Web3 software wizards. We're not your typical suits and ties. We’re a bunch of blockchain enthusiasts who want to make digital life simpler, more trustworthy, and a lot more exciting!

Think of us as the Web3 dynamic duo. COZ has been making innovative visions real on the blockchain since 2017, with a team of experts spread across 7 countries. AxLabs adds Swiss precision to the mix, crafting flawless world-class software, and leveraging deep expertise through years in the Web3 space.

Together, we’re kicking off a whole new chapter in the history of Web3 by taking tokens into the physical world through the creation of NFI (Non-Fungible Item) technology.

Global team

Map of ITEM Systems locations

Why are we doing this? Well, imagine a world where blockchain is more than a concept that no one outside of Web3 developers can really explain; instead, it’s something you can touch that makes everyday life work better.

At ITEM Systems, we’re not about buzzwords and jargon. We’re about real stuff, like your digital and physical artwork, collectibles, wearables, cool events, and more. We want to make it easy to ensure that what's yours stays yours–with no special computer science skills required.

So here's to simplicity, accessibility, utility, and making the digital world a little more human.