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Token 2049

Neo booth interactive activation


Building on the success of the OneBand activations at Neo’s Consensus 2023 booth and after-party auction for the Shadow Brother Sunday at the Tribeca Film Festival, create a new immersive experience using physical cryptographic assets to facilitate exploration of the Neo brand across a check-in station and 6 gallery-style waystations at the Neo booth at TOKEN2049 2023 in Singapore.


This activation revolves around two primary components:

Token 2049 OneBand Ring
A physical ring embedded with NFI technology. OneBand rings were created in custom TOKEN2049 purple and pink colors.

Generative NFT
OneBand users can mint a collectible, generative OTTER NFT custom-designed by an Ubisoft concept artist. Otto, the OTTER NFT character, is an homage to the smooth-coated otter, a wildlife species found and beloved in Singapore. The OTTER NFT has six traits that can be updated, with a potential 16,000 combinations and rarities. The generative NFT can interact with a user's OneBand through its digital twin.

OneBand is enabled by NFI technology that is live on the Neo N3 Mainnet and does not require any blockchain knowledge or application installation.

Booth visitors first stop at a check in station to receive their OneBand. They then move through six gallery-style waystations that make it fun and easy to learn about numerous aspects of Neo. The waystations provide key facts about Neo topics in engaging infographic displays. At each stop, visitors answer a simple quiz question based on the infographics at that stop. After answering correctly, the visitors can tap scan the OneBand to collect a new trait for their OTTER NFT.

The OneBand Ring

The device is powered by an NFC antenna, which enables short-range wireless communication with other devices.

The OneBand rings used for this activation are counterfeit-proof and feature a digital twin which can be used for software interfacing.

They can also be reused for future engagements and traded freely like any other token.

OneBand rings are issued in custom pink and purple colors for this activation, each with a different rarity. A visitor's ring color is determined at the ITEM Shop when the ring is minted to the user through contract invocation.

The OneBand technology continues to evolve and upgrade: This edition of OneBand functions five times faster than the OneBand rings distributed at the first two activations that featured OneBand.

The OneBand packaging for this activation provides a premium look customized to the aesthetic of the event. The design features a sleeve to designate Neo’s sponsorship and the event insignia.

The Web Application

A web application is used to monitor visitors' gamified progress through the waypoints. Visitors can also track changes to their generative NFT's as they visit the waypoints, learn more about each featured aspect of Neo and perform basic wallet operations.

This approach delivers a superior user experience to what installed applications could do in environments where bandwidth is limited. The web-hosted application also removes a barrier of participation for some visitors who may hesitate to install an application from a vendor they aren’t yet familiar with.

The web-hosted application is WalletConnect 2.0 enabled and allows the entire activation to run in a self-custodial manner. The user's keys remain safe in their wallet. Once a user completes onboarding, they can completely secure their private key.

The OneBand is all that is required to experience the entirety of the activation from that point onward. Because the ring is a distinct asset, losing it does not expose a user's private key.



Rings issued


Mainnet interactions


Completion rate


Avg visit time

The activation at the 10,000-plus attendee TOKEN2049 event ran from September 13-14, 2023. During this time period, ITEM Systems distributed approximately 260 OneBand rings of varying colors. The activation delivered strong customer engagement, with 1.1K Neo Mainnet interactions, an activation completion rate of 86%, and an average booth visitor time of 12 minutes.

User capture was done at onboarding, and a mailing list was created for follow-up engagement.

All interactions were done live on the N3 Mainnet without any indication to end users that they were interfacing with a blockchain. The experience was designed for all users and provided yet another demonstration of the capabilities of the N3 platform in a production setting.





TOKEN2049, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Service design
Brand design
UX design
NFI Manufacturing