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The Hobby Hangout

Scavenger hunt and NFI-enabled trading cards


Level up attendee engagement opportunities at the The Hobby Hangout trading card show with a new dimension enabled by non-fungible item (NFI) technology. Use NFI technology to deliver an interactive, event-level scavenger hunt culminating in entry to a giveaway of the world’s first NFI-enabled trading cards.

Hobby Hangout event floor


This activation revolves around two primary components:

NFI enabled waypoint

Scavenger hunt waypoints accessed through a web app
Scavenger hunt powered by NFI-enabled scanning stations, each representing a waypoint on the hunt, scattered at booths across the event floor. Using their mobile phones, attendees scan a QR code to access a web app that allows them to tap and scan to “collect” each waypoint they find. Attendees who collect all the waypoints earn an entry to the prize drawing.

NFI trading cards. Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe

Traceable physical assets
NFI-enabled, physical collectible trading cards, offered to lucky winners of the scavenger hunt prize drawing.

Scavenger hunt waypoints accessed with a mobile phone app

Item Systems, The Hobby Hangout Instruction banner

ITEM Systems collaborated with The Hobby Hangout, known as Australia’s premier trading card show provider, to gamify exploring the exhibition hall at a 1,000-plus attendee event hosted in Melbourne, Australia on November 19, 2023. To facilitate this exploration, ITEM Systems designed, built, and delivered a unique, NFI-enabled, event-wide scavenger hunt.

Similar to the popular DENVER WALLS activation in October 2023, The Hobby Hangout activation supported a “proof-based” initiative that enabled visitors to “collect” each waypoint to “prove” that they physically visited that waypoint. The hunt’s seven waypoints consisted of custom scanning stations provided by ITEM Systems and scattered among the vendor tables on the show floor.

To participate in the hunt, attendees used their mobile phones to scan a QR code that opened access to a mobile web app created by ITEM Systems. The app included a map of the event floor and indicators of the waypoints. As attendees located each waypoint, they could simply tap and scan their phones to “collect” that waypoint.  

Each waypoint plaque used in the hunt was enabled by NFI technology that is live on the Neo N3 MainNet. The simple tap-and-scan interaction process used for this ITEM Systems activation did not require any blockchain knowledge or application installation. Attendees who successfully collected all seven waypoints were entered into a drawing for chances to win prizes including spots in live group breaks and giveaways of custom-made, NFI-enabled collectible trading cards.  

The map in the web app also served as an interactive guide to facilitate social networking for the listed vendors: Users could explore the vendors to learn more about their offerings and access their social links.

The Web Application

The Hobby Hangout ITEM Systems App design
The Hobby Hangout ITEM Systems App design

Traceable physical assets: 1-of-1, NFI-enabled trading cards

Drawing entrants had a chance at winning one of five NFI-enabled, collectible trading cards. These cards are 1-of-1 collectibles designed and created by sports card designer Kevin Espina and embedded with NFI technology by ITEM Systems.  The NFI technology embedded in each of these one-of-a-kind cards consists of a public key and a near-field communication (NFC) chip that links to an NFT specific to that card. The resulting asset cryptographically links the physical card asset to a digital “twin” on the blockchain, making it possible to digitally validate the ownership of the physical card—a world first in the trading card industry.

Michael Jordan NFI Trading cardKylian Mbappe NFI trading cardLionel Messi NFI Trading CardFlux NFI Trading Card



NFI waypoints


Event App views


Entrants to the App


Event visitors

Because the event map and waypoint specifics in the web application that powered the scavenger hunt can be updated, new scavenger hunts and giveaways can be easily implemented for future The Hobby Hangout events.

This digitally enhanced scavenger hunt experience was designed for all users and proved popular with dedicated The Hobby Hangout card collectors as well as with their accompanying family visitors of all ages.

Building on the large-scale success of the ITEM Systems activation at the DENVER WALLS Festival, The Hobby Hangout activation further demonstrated the broad and approachable appeal of NFI-powered immersive experiences and provided yet another proof point of the capabilities of the N3 platform in a production setting.

“We’re excited by what ITEM Systems is able to bring to our event with its NFI technology. Not only can it be used to create a more engaging and rich experience for our attendees, but I think it has exciting applications in the collectibles world for authentication, ownership verification, and digital augmentation.”

Andrew Perumalla, Founder, The Hobby Hangout



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