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Denver Walls

City-wide mural trail


Meld street art, technology, and support for local businesses through physical, cryptographically enabled plaques at 17 murals across the DENVER WALLS Festival, part of the WORLD WIDE WALLS family and located in the River North Arts District (RiNo). Provide mobile phone scan-and-tap-based access to a blockchain-powered scavenger hunt where visitors can engage with the murals and earn rewards redeemable with local businesses.

Artist loving his new NFI Plaque


This activation revolves around a primary NFI component, a bronze plaque embedded with NFI technology:

Installed NFI Plaque

ITEM Systems manufactured and installed a customized plaque  for each mural. Information about the artist, artwork, and sponsor is engraved on each plaque.

Each plaque also displays a QR code that a visitor can scan to initiate a technology-enhanced exploration of the art installations across the RiNo district. This provides one of two user-friendly ways for visitors to engage with the artwork. In this method, using a mobile phone, visitors can scan the QR code to access a map of the installations and learn more about each artist and mural.

Scanning a QR code takes visitors to a website where they can learn about the artist, connect with them on social media, and access a map with locations of all 17 murals across the festival’s footprint.

The QR code method to interact with the murals gives visitors a technology that’s quick, easy, and familiar for them to interact with, as long as they have internet access.

Denver Walls Festival Web Application

Denver Walls application

The Denver Walls Festival Web Application provides visitors with a second option as well. Through an NFI-enabled chip that interacts with the Neo blockchain, this method supports “proof-based” initiatives, which QR scanning cannot do.

With this web application visitors can use their mobile phones to interact on the blockchain with the plaques. Doing this simply requires touching a mobile phone to a plaque to communicate with the NFI transmitter embedded in that plaque.

This interaction functions much like a tap-and-scan credit card process at a retail checkout counter. Using this more robust and secure but equally easy way to engage with the plaques, visitors can access all of the same information that scanning the QR code makes available–and additionally “prove” that they physically visited every mural plaque that they tapped.

This opens the option for businesses in the RiNo Art District to offer exclusive offers or discounts to patrons who stop in person to visit all the murals in the installation.

NFI Plaque linked to blockchain

Each plaque is enabled by NFI technology that is live on the Neo N3 MainNet. The simple tap-and-scan interaction process does not require any blockchain knowledge or application installation.



Installed NFI Plaques


Unique Scans


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The DENVER WALLS Festival ran from September 22-October 3, 2023. Beyond this timeframe, the plaques at the murals remain as longer-term permanent installations that can be further accessed and enjoyed by area visitors to explore the mural installation. Because the web application powering the plaques can be updated, the plaques can also be leveraged to enable future immersive experiences within the City of Denver and for local Web3 events.

All interactions were done live on the N3 Mainnet without any indication that users were interfacing with a blockchain. The experience was designed for all users and demonstrated the capabilities of the N3 platform in a production setting.



Denver Walls Festival


River North (RiNo) Arts District,
Denver, Colorado, USA


Service design
Brand design
UX design
NFI plaque design, manufacture,
and installation