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Consensus 2023

Neo booth interactive activation


To create an immersive experience using physical cryptographic assets that drives engagement with 9 ecosystem projects at the Neo Blockchain booth at Consensus 2023.

Neo main desk at Consensus 2023


This activation revolves around two primary components:

OneBand Ring

The OneBand Ring
A physical ring embedded with NFI technology. OneBand rings are issued in one of five different colors for this activation, each with a different rarity.

Generative NFT by Ubisoft Character designer

NFT - A generative NFT
With 16,000 combinations and rarities designed by a Ubisoft character designer. The generative NFT can interact with a user's OneBand through its digital-twin.

Booth visitors have the opportunity to acquire a OneBand ring and proceed through a brief onboarding experience at the "ITEM shop".

Once onboarded, they navigate to 9 staffed microbooths. While engaging with the representatives at these booths, they can scan their OneBand to enhance their generative NFT.

The entire activation is live on the N3 Mainnet and does not require any blockchain knowledge or application installation.

The OneBand Ring

Breakdown of the NFI technology in a OneBand ring

The OneBand rings used for this activation are counterfeit-proof, and feature a digital twin which can be used for software interfacing. They can also be reused for future engagements and traded freely like any other token.

OneBand rings are issued in one of five different colors for this activation, each with a different rarity. A visitor's ring color is determined at the ITEM Shop when the ring is minted to the user through contract invocation.

The OneBand packaging is designed for this activation to showcase the product as a premium asset, which stands out from other items distributed at the conference.

It features a sleeve to designate the sponsors and event insignia. The digital-twin has properties defining its software characteristics, color, activation, and rarity.

The Web Application

A web application is used to monitor progress through the waypoints in a gamified manner. Users can also track changes to their generative NFT, learn more about the projects at the waypoints, and perform basic wallet operations. This approach delivers a superior user experience over installed applications in environments where bandwidth is limited and customers are resistant to installs on first impression.

The application is WalletConnect 2.0 enabled, allowing the entire activation to run in a self-custodial manner. The user's keys remain safe in their wallet. Once a user has completed onboarding, they can completely secure their private key. The OneBand is all that is required to experience the entirety of the activation from that point onward. Because the ring is a distinct asset, losing it does not expose a user's private key.



Issued Rings


Visitors waited


User capture


Points visited

ITEM Systems distributed 795 OneBand rings of varying colors over the duration of the 3 day event. Wait times at the ITEM shop ranged from 20-90 minutes and required cordons to prevent blockage on the main conference thoroughfare. The line formed before the doors opened due to mutual interest from both exhibitors and attendees. Distribution was made to approximately 7% of conference attendees and yearning comments were common in the venue hallways after the OneBands were fully distributed.

User capture was done at onboarding and a mailing list was created for a followup engagement using the generative NFT where users could open a series of digital chests depending on how powerful their LIZARD NFT had become at the Consensus 2023 activation.

All interactions were done live on the N3 Mainnet without any indication that users were interfacing with a blockchain. The experience was designed for all users and demonstrated the capabilities of the N3 platform in a production setting.





Consensus 2023
Austin, Texas USA


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